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About Us

We produce AramcoWorld magazine to increase cross-cultural understanding by broadening knowledge of the histories, cultures and geography of the Arab and Muslim worlds and their global interconnections, past and present.

In print, AramcoWorld is distributed six times a year, without charge, to a limited number of readers; online, go to www.aramcoworld.com. We also produce a mobile edition, available through the AramcoWorld app, as well as a free biweekly newsletter. In our online archives, back issues from 1960 are searchable, and texts are available in full; photographs from archival articles are online from 2004 to the present as available.

Founded in 1949, Aramco World became Saudi Aramco World in 2000; it was renamed AramcoWorld in 2015.

AramcoWorld is published in Houston, Texas by Aramco Americas, a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, a fully integrated energy and chemicals enterprise. Both Saudi Aramco and Aramco are trademarks of the Saudi Arabian Oil Company.