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SAWDIA contains photographs covering a period of more than 50 years. It contains the full texts of informational items such as published captions, article teasers from the table of contents page, locations, issue dates, photographers and institutional sources—all as they originally appeared when published or submitted to the magazine for publication. Keep in mind that as with any historical archive, not all information is available for all photographs: For example, not all photographs were published with captions, and among unpublished images, some of the photographers’ original caption information no longer exists. (Where it does, we will, over time, be adding that information.)

The SAWDIA’s search engine allows boolean searching. This means you may use the special keywords AND, OR, and NOT to create a refined search string and progressively narrow your results. Note that if you enter two terms without a boolean term between them, the default is the word AND: Thus a search "Egypt water" is read by the search engine to mean "Egypt AND water". It will return photos in which the search terms appear at least once in any data field. It will not return photos in which variations of the terms appear, such as "Egyptian" or "waters". To make your search include such variations, add an asterisk after the final letter of your term: "Egypt* water*". Similarly, if what you need may be described by any of "Arab", "Arabs", "Arabian" or "Arabians", then search under "Arab*", keeping in might that your returns will include still other terms such as "arabesque." To narrow your search, use boolean terms to exclude: "Arab* NOT arabesque".

In general, like all search engines, the more general your terms, the more matches you will receive. If you are having trouble finding something, you may be searching too narrowly. Try broader terms, and narrow from there.


Comp refers to the card-sized, low-resolution images that you can view individually on your screen by double-clicking the thumbnail images returned from your search. All available information about an image appears alongside its comp version. Remember, not all data fields are available for all images.


These are like shopping carts. They are places you can store and manage collections of images, and later you can add them to your order or discard them. SAWDIA saves your light box collections from session to session. That way, everything that is in them when you log off will be there, exactly as you left it, when you return. Each light box can be shared electronically to allow review of images by multi-person work teams. To add other users to a light box, enter an email address and click ADD. When the other user logs in, he or she will see your light box listed among their own four light boxes. To remove a shared user, find the name and simply click REMOVE.


All requests are subject to approval by ASC according to our Terms of Use. To order images, fill out the order form, and provide as much information as possible. We may need to contact you for more information. All ordering, order fulfillment, and correspondence is electronic: If you require assistance after you place your order, email orders@saudiaramcoworld.com. Orders must be received using the order form. Please allow up to two weeks for your order to be reviewed and images sent to your email address; rush requests will be considered. All images are high resolution 3072 x 2048 pixels, which permits 300 dpi resolution at a size of approximately 7 by 10 inches. All are in RGB format.


The approval of your order constitutes a one-time, non-exclusive right to publish the image for the purposes approved, under the terms of that approval as stated by Aramco Services Company in correspondence with you and in the Terms of Use. You may not resell, redistribute or otherwise utilize the images beyond the scope of the approved use in any way, for any purpose, including personal usages, without the expressed written permission of Aramco Services Company. If you need to use the image in a different manner than that originally stated on your order, please submit a new order form. See the Terms of Use policy for more information.

Dated: June 15, 2008